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2002 Ford F650 BASE STRAIGHT

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High Performance Thermostats

A thermostat sits between the engine and the radiator. Its works by blocking the flow of coolant to your radiator until the engine has warmed up. When your engine is cold, no coolant flows through the engine. Once your engine reaches around 200 degrees F, the thermostat will open and allow coolant to begin flowing. A high performance engine runs much hotter than those from the factory. The high pressure and stress throughout your system could easily be too much for a factory thermostat to handle. A high performance thermostat will handle the high temperatures, and allow the proper flow of coolant through your system to keep your engine safe. While shopping our large inventory you will find a wide selection of 160 degree, 180 degree, and 195 degree thermostats. We also carry a selection of OE replacement thermostats. If you have any questions about thermostats for your 2002 Ford F650, reach out to one of our experienced representatives and we will help you make a more informative decision.

Any liquid cooled engine requires a means of controlling the rate of flow through the cooling system, for optimum temperature control. The thermostat restricts coolant flow to the radiator until the engine reaches operating temperature, and then regulates flow to maintain that temperature. But high compression and forced induction performance and racing engines that are revved to maximum RPM generate much more heat than ordinary engines, creating demands that a standard thermostat can’t handle.

The coolant flow rate through a high performance engine is critical to optimal heat transfer. Coolant that flows too slowly stays in the engine too long, increasing engine temperature. The coolant may even boil away in some areas, creating hot spots that can cause serious damage. A standard thermostat may not allow sufficient flow for optimal heat dissipation in the radiator, and most standard thermostats can’t function properly at high RPM when the engine has been modified with a high flow water pump.

Performance thermostats are structured to provide increased coolant flow when open compared to standard thermostats. Many are of the balanced design, which equalize the water pressure on both sides of the thermostat to prevent being forced close from increased coolant flow, a condition that can occur with a standard thermostat when the engine is abruptly revved. Performance thermostats are also much more accurate than standard thermostats, and usually open within a few degrees of their rated temperature. Their sensing elements are also typically more sensitive than standard thermostats, enabling them to respond faster to coolant temperature change.

The flow characteristics, accuracy and prompt opening of a performance thermostat will allow your engine to deliver the power it’s capable of and last longer. Engines operate most efficiently and undergo the least wear when engine temperature is maintained within a relatively narrow range. This is especially true of computer controlled electronic fuel injected engines. Enabling the engine to quickly get to that range and stay within its limits results in optimal fuel atomization and the proper air/fuel mixture for thorough combustion and maximum power, along with minimal cylinder wear and oil usage. Our performance thermostat will meet the needs of your high horsepower, high RPM engine.

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EDELBROCK 48143 Black Water Neck Steel Sbf Windsor
for 2002 Ford F650 BASE STRAIGHT


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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2002 Ford F650 BASE STRAIGHT equipped with
7.3L V8 Diesel Turbo
Crew Cab
2002 Ford F650 BASE STRAIGHT equipped with
7.3L V8 Diesel Turbo Truck
Crew Cab