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2007 Jaguar X-Type

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Performance Transmission Coolers

Performance engines create more heat. The more heat you create, the more cooling accessories will be needed. Your 2007 Jaguar X-Type from the factory comes equipped with a transmission cooler, but this is intended for unmodified vehicles. Once you start tinkering away in your engine bay, the factory parts will not keep up. The same holds true for vehicles that are towing, and off-roading. The harder your vehicle is working, the hotter the transmission and the fluids will be. High heat can be extremely damaging to your transmission.

There are several styles of performance Transmission coolers. Tube and fin coolers, Plate & Fin coolers, and stacked coolers are what you can find in our catalog. Tube and fin transmission coolers work by a tube carrying the transmission fluid through the cooler. Aluminum fins are attached to the sides of the cooler, which help dissipate heat. The aluminum fins absorb the heat from the fluid and then the heat is cooled down by air flowing through the fins. Plate and Fin transmission coolers work similarly to tube and fin, the difference being the plates. Fluid is being forced through the plates, which allows much more contact with aluminum, therefor more heat dissipation. Lastly Stacked-plate transmission coolers are similar to plate and fin coolers however are designed for a higher flow. Stacked-plate coolers are ideal for heavy duty towing, and racing applications. Depending on your intended use of your 2007 Jaguar X-Type the type of transmission cooler needed can vary. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for transmission coolers. Contact one of our experienced representatives today and we will help you make a more informative decision.

Racing on a road course, drag racing with a high stall speed torque converter, towing a boat – the one thing all these activities have in common is that they all generate a lot of heat in the automatic transmission fluid, probably more heat than your stock transmission cooler can handle. Testing has proven that for every 20°F increase in operating temperature, the lifespan of the transmission fluid and the transmission are reduced by half.

All vehicles have a transmission cooler in the radiator, and some performance vehicles and trucks have an additional external cooler, but the radiator is insufficient by itself and even an external cooler may not be large enough. Transmissions are very expensive to repair or replace, and if you race, you no doubt have a lot of additional money invested in your box. A performance transmission cooler is comparatively inexpensive, so it’s cheap insurance.

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DERALE 13502
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DERALE 13502 8000 Series Plate & Fin Transmission Cooler Kit 13 Row
for your 2007 Jaguar X-Type


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2007 Jaguar X-Type equipped with
3.0L V6
Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Kit
2007 Jaguar X-Type equipped with
3.0L V6 Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Kit