Performance Cooling Systems

When building your 2007 Ford F-150, heat needs to be effectively removed from the engine to keep it running well. High Performance Engines create more heat, therefor needing a Performance Cooling System in place. Performance Cooling Fans, Performance Water Pumps, and Performance Radiators are all essential for your High Performance Engine Build. Without these components on your Performance Engine, the heat can become destructive – ruining all your hard work.

At Sport Compact Warehouse we carry Performance Radiator hoses, which are made from high quality materials from multiple manufacturers. We also have a great selection of radiator caps, some which can even help you determine the coolant temperature.

Sport Compact Warehouse is your Premier Source for your Performance Cooling System. Contact an experienced representative today who can who can help you make an informed decision on your Performance Cooling System.2007 Ford F-150.

When most people think of performance they think of more horsepower and faster speed. Unfortunately, one of the by-products of pulling more power from your engine and pushing your car harder on the road and the track, is more heat. Unless this heat is effectively removed, your engine can be reduced to a steaming lump of scrap metal. Along with performance parts for the fuel exhaust, and ignition, you need performance cooling system parts and we have them.

The cooling system transfers heat from the engine to the coolant, which then dissipates it to the surrounding air in the radiator. High performance engines create more heat than the stock cooling system can handle, so you need components with increased capacity and heat transfer capability. Our performance aluminum radiators have more coolant capacity, with thicker cores and more rows, and increased fin count, for better heat transfer.

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