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2015 BMW 335i LUXURY


Performance Electronics & Programmers

Help your vehicle reach its full potential by getting a Performance Programmer. Many programmers come with pre-installed tunes to help unleash your beast. If a pre-installed tune isn’t what you’re looking for, bring your 2015BMW 335i down to your local shop for a custom tune on your performance programmer.

Not only do Performance Programmers help achieve power, with some manufacturers it can helps you monitor your vehicles functions. Some programmers include onscreen gauges that allow you to monitor your air fuel ratio, boost, and even coolant temperature.

Monitoring your modified vehicles functions is very important for the health of your car. We offer a wide range of different styles, and sized gauges. Boost Gauges, and Wideband Guages can be mounted in numerous locations in your cockpit. We have a wide selection of a-pillars, panels, and mounting cups.

Aside from Boost Gauges and Performance Programmers we carry battery accessories, shift lights, harnesses, and sensors.