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2006 Honda Accord EX

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Performance Engine Blocks

There are so many great reasons to go with a Performance Engine Block. We all know how much factory components limit your 2006 Honda Accord, and your OE engine block is no different. When you begin heavily modifying your OE motor, your still limited and playing a risky game.

Performance Engine Blocks can come in several different types of materials. Aluminum and cast iron engine blocks are both available. Aluminum engine blocks are much lighter, are more fuel-efficient, and have a higher specific heat by mass. Aluminum heads dissipate heat quicker than cast iron, which can useful on track days. Aluminum also resists corrosion in open air. Another thing to keep in mind with aluminum blocks is they are generally not as stiff as cast iron. Cast Iron Engine Blocks have excellent dimensional stability and good vibration absorbing properties. When looking at heating aspects of Cast Iron engine blocks, they will take longer to heat up but will also in turn take longer to cool down. However, they do have fantastic heat retention capabilities. Cast Iron Engine Blocks are generally more cost efficient, and also cost less to repair. In addition, Engine Blocks can also be purchased unfinished, finished, partially finished, or fully machined.

It can be overwhelming when looking into getting a new Performance Engine Block so it is highly recommended to speak to one of our experienced representatives so we can help you make a more informative decision.

The block is the foundation of an engine, the main component to which every other part is attached, and it better be right, especially if it’s a high horsepower performance motor, or you can quickly end up with a very expensive boat anchor. You can base your performance engine on a used OE cylinder block, but you have many more options and a much greater chance for a successful build with an aftermarket performance engine block.

Some engine builders prefer a “seasoned” original engine block, but dimensional accuracy is critical in a performance block, and an old block’s accumulated wear may prevent you from attaining this degree of precision. Even if you can, the cost of checking for cracks and the various machining operations to make the block right could end up costing you more than a new block. But there are many other reasons a new performance engine block is a better choice.

Aftermarket engine block makers analyze the factory product and they know the weaknesses and where improvements can be made. Plus they’re not under cost and weight restrictions like the OE designers. As a result, you can get blocks made with more material to prevent bore distortion and maintain head gasket seal, and billet steel splayed 4-bolt main caps for greater strength. The factory cooling and/or oiling systems are less than ideal for performance on some engines. Blocks are available with larger water jackets for improved coolant circulation and re-engineered oil galleries and oil feed holes to increase oil flow.

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SUPERTECH BG-K24 Block Guard
for your 2006 Honda Accord EX


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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2006 Honda Accord EX equipped with
2.4L l4 Gas DOHC
Coupe 2-Door
2006 Honda Accord EX equipped with
2.4L l4 Gas DOHC Coupe 2-Door