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1975 Dodge Challenger

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Performance Oil Catch Cans

An oil catch can is a device that’s fitted into the cam/crank case ventilation system in your 1975 Dodge Challenger. By installing a performance oil catch can you’ll reduce the amount of oil vapors recirculated into the intake of your engine. As the crank vapors pass through the catch can the oil droplets, water vapor, and un-burnt fuel settle in the tank. This stops them from reaching the intake and re-entering your system. Catch cans will fill up over time and need to be drained, which can easily be done, as many have a plug right at the bottom. Not only will performance oil catch cans help reduce the risk of serious engine trouble, you will improve your engine performance, gain better fuel efficacy and help your engine run cooler. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for Performance Oil Catch cans. Contact one of our experienced representatives today and we will help you make a more informative decision.

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