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Performance Pistons

A Piston is the moving component that is contained by your engine (cylinder) head. In some engines the piston acts as a valve by covering and uncovering ports. The benefit of a Performance Piston is they may be forged depending on the manufacturer you decide to go with. Forged Pistons provide a higher compression ratio inside of your engine, which in turn allows your engine to rev higher and create more power. Forged pistons also handle high heat much more efficiently then OE pistons. Not only do they handle high heat better, but also the combustion pressure. You can find Performance Pistons in several materials such as billet aluminum, or cast hypereutectic aluminum. Depending on the type of use you’re planning on for your 2007 Dodge Ram 1500, will help you determine what type of piston is best for you. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for Performance Pistons. Contact one of our experienced representatives today to help you make a more informative decision.

In any internal combustion engine the pistons have to withstand the tremendous heat and pressure of combustion. The piston rings must also endure this extreme strain and temperature while sealing the pistons to the cylinder walls and providing sufficient oil control. Finally, the connecting rods must persevere through the pounding as they transform the pistons’ reciprocating motion into the rotational movement of the crankshaft.

These stresses are amplified in a high horsepower performance engine, which typically has higher compression, operates at higher RPM, and may have power adders like nitrous oxide, a turbocharger or supercharger. It goes without saying that stronger pistons, rings, and connecting rods are necessary, but at the same time these parts should be as light as possible to allow the engine to rev freely, while creating very little frictional power loss.

Performance piston material ranges from cast hypereutectic (an alloy with a high silicon content for strength) aluminum that is fine for mildly modified street engines to forged and billet aluminum for high horsepower and racing applications. All pistons are designed and precision machined for superior strength with light weight. Factors that affect piston selection include bore size, compression ratio, and valve clearance. Most pin bores are designed for floating pins retained by clips. Many pistons come with coatings to reduce skirt scuffing, improve surface wear resistance, and reflect heat, which improves durability.