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2008 Pontiac Torrent GT

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Performance Downpipes

A downpipe connects the turbo exit to the catalytic converter. By installing a performance downpipe alone you can look at an increase of 10-20 HP. Not only are they made from a higher quality material which features mandrel bending & they are usually larger in diameter which allows more exhaust flow. Since your turbo is essentially a pump its important to have the pipes entering and exiting it free from restriction. In our inventory you will find we carry two different styles of downpipes, off-road downpipes and catted downpipes. Catted downpipes work with your catalytic converter so you wont have to worry about emissions. Off-road downpipes work without the catalytic converter. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for performance downpipes. Contact one of our representatives with any questions you have and we will help you make a more informative decision for your 2008 Pontiac Torrent.

A downpipe directs the exhaust gases from your 2008 Pontiac Torrent's turbine housing into your exhaust system. The downpipe bolts right to the turbine housing. It is instrumental in moving the exhaust gases through the system as efficiently as possible.

The average downpipe has at least one restrictive catalytic converter. These do an excellent job of cleaning exhaust gases as they are produced. The only issue is their restrictive aspect. They cause you to lose power, and likely part of the reason you’re buying a high-end car like a Mercedes is the power that comes with it.Another aspect of the typical sports car exhaust system that you’ll likely notice is mandrel bending. This is where a steel rod is inserted into bent tubing, so there is no wrinkling or breaking at the bend point.

A downpipe is put in place because it allows the turbo aspect of the engine to be more effective. The downpipe steers gases away from the turbine, creating more uninterrupted power. When you get out on a straightaway and open up your Mercedes, or a similar vehicle, you’ll feel the difference.

Aftermarket downpipes usually feature wider capacities, and they are less restrictive than the stock option. This increase in diameter allows for greater space for a faster turbo spin.

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