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2014 Chevrolet Orlando LT


Performance Exhaust Systems

Be honest, the first thing us motor-heads think of doing when we get a new vehicle is slapping on a new Performance Exhaust System to get the sound your 2014 Chevrolet Orlando deserves. Factory exhaust systems restrict your vehicles tones, and performance due to smaller diameter piping. They’re created to keep your vehicle as quiet as possible, and they also taking away from your power, limiting your horsepower and torque. By upgrading to a Performance Exhaust System you can gain that lost power back with large diameter piping, which reduces backpressure and restriction. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for Performance Exhaust systems, which means we have a number of systems to suit everyone’s needs. We carry popular brands such as Magnaflow, Borla, Invidia, Perrin, HKS, and much more! If you have any questions reach out to one of our experienced representatives who will help you make a more informative decision.

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