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2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SPORT

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Hardtops / Tonneau Covers

Hardtops, also called Tonneau Covers are a great way to protect your load and improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Hardtop truck covers are solid covers attached to a pickup truck’s bed. Most Tonneau covers on the market use fiberglass or ABS plastic in their construction. They are generally weather-resistant, durable, and lightweight. You can also customize them to match your truck or to show your personality, making them a popular accessory for people who want to enhance the appearance of their vehicle.

Our Favorite Products

Sport Compact Warehouse has a collection of affordable aftermarket car parts, including hardtop truck covers and other accessories to outfit your vehicle. There truly is something for everyone.

Hard Top Seal

Do you want to protect your car's interior? Then you need a hard top seal. A hard top seal is a long rubber or silicone strip fastened to the automobile's roof that goes along the door frame. Its main purpose is to protect your vehicle’s interior from water damage and dust.

Soft Top Covers

Soft top covers are protective coverings that go over a convertible car's soft top. Most of the stop top covers you find will be made from durable and water-resistant materials, such as vinyl or canvas, and are intended to give weather protection.

Soft top coverings are available in a range of designs and colors to complement the color and style of your convertible vehicle. They are relatively simple to install and remove, making them the ideal solution for protecting and customizing your convertible.

Convertible Top Latch

A convertible top latch is a device that attaches the convertible top to the car's body. You'll most likely find it at the front and rear of your convertible, holding the top in place when it is lifted or lowered. You can find several different types of convertible tops in several different styles, but they all have the same purpose: to attach the convertible top to the car's body. They are often composed of sturdy and weather-resistant materials such as metal or plastic to guarantee long-lasting function.

Hard Top Nut and Screw

A hard top nut is a tiny metal nut used to fasten the hardtop of a convertible car, and a hard top screw serves the same purpose. Hard top nuts are usually made from steel or metal. Its purpose is to ensure that your hardtop stays in place, which is crucial for keeping your car’s interior safe.

Find Everything You Need From Sport Compact Warehouse

Sport Compact Warehouse has everything you need. Our collection of aftermarket car parts includes a collection of hardtops and Tonneau covers to outfit your vehicle for an unbeatable price. Sport Compact Warehouse is proud to be your one-stop-shop for car accessories and aftermarket parts. Explore our collection for everything that you need.

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for 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SPORT


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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SPORT equipped with
5.7L V8 Gas OHV
[Chrome Tail Light Cover] Quantity needed per vehicle: 1.
Crew Cab Pickup 4-Door
2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SPORT equipped with
5.7L V8 Gas OHV [Chrome Tail Light Cover] Quantity needed per vehicle: 1.
Crew Cab Pickup 4-Door