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1975 Dodge Challenger

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Exterior Lighting

Your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle is the statement you make to the world of exactly where you stand. Avid tuners are seeking the latest fashion to add a show-type eye appeal to their prized possession. Whether you want to tune up your classic car or modern marvel from geek to chic or give it a supernatural look, unique accessory lights are just the thing for putting subtle accents inside and out. We offer an endless choice of trend-setting accessory lights, so just pick out the style that goes together with your 1975 Dodge Challenger like peas and carrots.

On our virtual shelves you'll find virtually everything and anything to illuminate any part of your 1975 Dodge Challenger with eye-dazzling, bright LED light or give it an other-worldly neon glow. Choose from top-of-the-line accessory lighting products including high-tech halo rings, undercar and motorcycle light kits, interior lights, signal lights, strips and tubes, extreme LEDs, door projectors as well as illuminated grill crosshairs, emblems, license plate frames, activator switches, tailgate handles and many more.

Benefiting from ground-breaking technology, accessory lights showcased in our collection feature sought-after designs striking the ultimate balance between aesthetics and bulletproof performance. They're the signs of distinction that will help make the interior and exterior d├ęcor the one and the only. A sleek, distinctive touch of LED and neon accessory lights will immediately elevate your 1975 Dodge Challenger's style above the highway and mundane rolling masses clogging up the roadway as well as dazzle anyone entering your auto. If you crave for adding auxiliary lights to your 1975 Dodge Challenger's profile, upgrade the run-of-the-mill lamps with incredibly vivid halos for a smoother, classier look and enhanced visibility to turn heads and increase safety.

Jaw-dropping single and multi color underbody light kits are the finest option to go to set your exterior ablaze by giving it a truly 'mystic' appeal which is sure to grab every onlooker's attention. Get amazing accent lighting with a flexible undercarriage or rock light kit. You may also like all-in-one underglow and interior LED light kits designed to cover the entire vehicle for maximum visual impact. We've got amazingly bright and efficient undercarriage kits for cars and motorcycles that include light strips, tubes, pods and/or their combination. Multicolor kits offer multiple vibrant colors and can be remotely controlled, allowing to choose the color and simultaneously run different colors and patterns. Sync light to music for total enjoyment!

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