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2005 Nissan 350Z ENTHUSIAST

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Exterior Trunks / Hatches

Two race cars have the same horsepower, but one is lighter than the other. Assuming everything else like driver skill, suspension tune, etc. is equal, the lighter car will be faster, because the less weight an engine must lug around the faster the car will be. Professional racers make their cars as light as the rules allow and substituting heavy steel with lightweight panels is a proven way to shed pounds. Two of the easiest panels to replace are the hood and trunk lid or hatch. If you want to lighten your machine and give it a performance look, check out our custom trunk lids & hatches.

Hoods, and trunk lids or rear hatches are bolt-on body parts and carbon fiber or fiberglass panels weigh less than half of the equivalent steel components. In addition to just saving weight, replacing one or both of these panels can also change the weight distribution and/or the height of the center of gravity in the vehicle. Altering these can significantly affect traction, handling and overall performance. With their carbon fiber or fiberglass construction and available integral spoilers, our custom trunk lids or hatches deliver performance you can feel and see.

Lightweight hoods are nothing new, in fact some performance models have come from the factory with carbon fiber or fiberglass hoods. Hoods are usually larger so a greater weight reduction can be realized, and hoods usually have prominent styling features. In addition, lightweight hoods for performance cars often include elements like scoops or vents. In contrast, trunk and hatch lids are smaller, at the rear of the car, and usually plain. But these panels are no less relevant, and they’ve become increasingly important to those drivers seeking the ultimate in performance and styling.

Our trunk lids and hatches are manufactured from fiberglass, fiberglass with carbon fiber overlay, composite, and carbon fiber. Most are designed to be replicas of the OE style steel component on each specific application, for a bolt-on installation and perfect appearance. All panels can be painted to match your 2005 Nissan 350Z, but since carbon fiber trunk lids and hatches come with a glossy finish, these high-tech panels are ready to be shown off right out of the box. The characteristic weave of carbon fiber is unmistakable and recognized for being the last word in performance, for a look that says you only roll with the best.

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Seibon TL0205NS350HB
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Seibon TL0205NS350HB Carbon Fiber Trunk/Hatch OEM Style
for your 2005 Nissan 350Z ENTHUSIAST


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2005 Nissan 350Z ENTHUSIAST equipped with
Trunk Lid
2005 Nissan 350Z ENTHUSIAST equipped with
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