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Manual Boost Controllers

Upgrading the internal combustion engine with a turbocharger is one of the oldest, easiest and most efficient ways to boost its power and improve performance without building a bigger engine. A turbo or "turbo-supercharge," which is its official name is an air compressor that sits on the top of the engine. With turbocharging, you can achieve forced air induction, which means feeding your 2009 Lexus GS450h's motor with an oxygen-rich air-fuel mixture that will give it a boost. Its main function is to compress an increased amount of air flowing into the engine's cylinder, which means more gas and bigger explosion, resulting in a significantly increased power output, higher torque and overall efficiency. Unlike superchargers that draw power directly from the engine, turbos are powered by exhaust gases. If you want to take control over the boost level in your turbo car, a boost controller is right what you need.

Turbocharger boost management is a perfect solution for those speed junkies who want to run a more aggressive tune-up with peace of mind. Boost controller devices are designed to manage the amount of manifold pressure by modifying the amount of pressure going to the wastegate, allowing performance tuners to safely run a higher boost. In order to achieve boost pressure that is higher than your standard wastegate actuator pressure, this HP tune-up device will accurately change the pressure signal received by the wastegate actuator by venting an adjustable amount of pressure, making the turbo produce the new, higher boost level. Turbo boost controllers come in two types to choose from: electronic and mechanic. Each of them has its own benefits.

Found on most modern vehicles, turbo systems are controlled electronically via a solenoid valve. Electronic boost controllers are far more sophisticated, powerful and accurate. They demand a little bit more technical knowledge for installation when compared to mechanic controllers but provide multiple boost settings for various driving conditions. Mechanical controllers operate using a switch and are a great option to go for those who want "set-n-forget" turbo boost pressure control. They may not offer an array of features provided by electronic boosters but are very simple in installation and reliable in operation. They offer the driver up to two settings and need zero maintenance. On our virtual shelves, we handpick a wide range of industry-leading turbo boost controllers in a variety of eye-catching designs to give you the power to control your boost pressure and enjoy maximum performance benefits while adding extra style.

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