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1975 Dodge Challenger

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Fuel / Fluid Lines & Fittings

Russell Performance Products has been one of the leading companies in high-tech fluid transfer components and systems for over three decades. It provides a complete range of hoses and fittings for transferring fuel, brake fluid, water, and oil for your 1975 Dodge Challenger. Russell Performance also offers certain other systems for vehicular, motorbike, and marine use. The company’s line of products includes an array of hoses, adapter fittings, hose ends, Russell brake lines and components, Speed Bleeders, specialty Russell fittings, and various other performance accessories.

Plumbing your vehicle’s high-performance engine can be fairly difficult at times. Race cars, supercharged cars, and so on have plenty of plumbing, which can get fairly intimidating when you’ve got so many hoses and fittings to select from. In order to gain maximum reliability and protection, more and more professional mechanics and enthusiasts choose Russell Performance hoses and fittings. The company offers a complete range of plumbing accessories to provide their customers with one of the widest coverages available for plumbing needs.

Russell has been supplying innovative fluid transfer products for just about everything, beginning with Top Fuel drag racing and Sprint Cup, and ending with off-road racing and performance street / marine applications. The majority of the company’s products are approved for competition by NHRA. Russell Performance Products is an ISO 9001 certified company, with operations in their 37,000 square foot production facility in Torrance, California. The company employs dedicated engineering personnel and work-of-art quality control center so as to ensure the finest consistency and quality possible.

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