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Fuel System

The internal combustion engine has often been compared to an air pump: the more air that flows through it, the more power it makes. However, you need a proportionate amount of fuel to mix with that air to make horsepower. We can help you get more air into your your 2008 Ford F-150's engine with a cold air intake, and more exhaust out with a performance exhaust system, but to increase fuel flow look right here because we have everything you need from tank to intake ports.

A performance fuel system starts with the fuel pump. No matter what mods you make downstream, it’s a waste of time and money if you can’t supply them with enough fuel pressure and volume. We have the electric and mechanical pumps to provide the flow. To get the right volume of fuel to your engine, there can’t be any restrictions along the way, so even the fuel filter has to be upgraded. We have units that provide maximum flow with effective filtration.

Original equipment fuel pressure regulators are pre-set to control fuel at pressure specified for a standard engine. They work fine for a grocery getter but are grossly inadequate for a modified engine with a high-flow fuel pump and injectors. We offer adjustable fuel pressure regulators that can be set to flow up to maximum fuel pump capacity. And you can get all that additional fuel right into the intake ports with our high-flow fuel injectors, which feature balanced flow rates and optimal spray patterns and fuel atomization. These injectors make tuning easier for better idle, drivability, and more power.

Cold air intake systems feature large air filters, and free-flowing tubing, but the increased flow is all for naught if you choke it down with a stock throttle body. We offer large bore throttle bodies that will maintain increased airflow right into the intake manifold. These are bolt-on replacements and require no modifications for installation. While you’re installing your throttle body, add one of our throttle body spacers. These spacers increase the volume between the throttle body and cylinder, increasing volumetric efficiency, and create turbulence that improves fuel atomization for more complete combustion.

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Hopkins Manufacturing 40974
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Hopkins Manufacturing 40974 Trailer Wiring Harness Hopkins
for your 2008 Ford F-150 THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION


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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2008 Ford F-150 THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION equipped with
5.4L V8 Gas SOHC,
5.4L V8 Flex SOHC
Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door
2008 Ford F-150 THE 60TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION equipped with
5.4L V8 Gas SOHC,
5.4L V8 Flex SOHC Extended Cab Pickup 4-Door