Performance Fuel & Ignition

Powerful Performance Engines eat up a lot of fuel. In order to keep your High Performance Engine well fed you need Performance Fuel & Ignition Parts. A Performance Fuel System should always start with a Performance Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter. Its important to provide your motor 2007 Ford F-150 with enough fuel pressure and volume. Depending on the power your making we have a large assortment of Performance Fuel Injectors. Injectors help deliver more fuel to the combustion chamber, which in turn increase your vehicles power and performance. In our catalog you will also find a wide selection of Performance Spark Plugs, fuel Pumps, fuel lines & fittings, and Fuel Pressure Regulators. We have all your needs to keep your 2007 Ford F-150 well fed!

The internal combustion engine has often been compared to an air pump: the more air that flows through it, the more power it makes. However, you need a proportionate amount of fuel to mix with that air to make horsepower. We can help you get more air into your engine with a cold air intake, and more exhaust out with a performance exhaust system, but to increase fuel flow look right here because we have everything you need from tank to intake ports.

A performance fuel system starts with the fuel pump. No matter what mods you make downstream, it’s a waste of time and money if you can’t supply them with enough fuel pressure and volume. We have the electric and mechanical pumps to provide the flow. To get the right volume of fuel to your engine, there can’t be any restrictions along the way, so even the fuel filter has to be upgraded. We have units that provide maximum flow with effective filtration.

Every engine needs a well-timed spark in each cylinder for easy starting and optimal fuel mileage, but it’s especially critical for making horsepower in a high-performance engine. You can cram as much air and fuel into the cylinders as you can with high-flow intakes and injectors, but it will be wasted if the mixture doesn’t burn completely. High-performance ignitions provide a powerful spark for complete combustion and maximum horsepower.

The components available for your 2007 Ford F-150 will vary according to the type of ignition system. Late model vehicles with coil-on-plug ignitions are candidates for high voltage coils that will produce long duration, high energy spark even at high RPM, and sophisticated ignition controllers that allow you to adjust ignition timing. For older, distributor ignition systems we have electronic conversion kits, wires, caps, rotors, and complete distributors.

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