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2001 Volvo S60 2.0T

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Air Suspension Kits

Originally exclusive to heavy trucks and buses, and more recently original equipment on luxury cars and SUVs, today no matter what you drive you can get the smooth ride, load leveling capability, improved stance and superior handling that can only come from air suspension. Whatever you do with your 2001 Volvo S60 – haul heavy loads, tow campers or trailers, cruise the boulevard and display at car shows, or race at the track, we have air suspension components and complete systems that will deliver the ride, look, and performance you want.

Air suspension systems can be divided into two basic categories: supplemental and replacement. Supplemental air springs, also known as “helper springs”, are designed to work with your existing coil or leaf springs, to level the vehicle and improve performance and driving safety when hauling cargo or towing. Replacement systems are installed in place of your existing suspension components to adjust ride height and ground clearance and allow suspension tuning to improve handling – the perfect set-up for show cars and performance driving.

When a pickup with OE suspension has a big load in the bed or is towing a trailer, the rear of the truck may squat, with the headlights aimed at the sky. Because the weight is unevenly distributed on the tires, handling and braking suffers. Supplemental leaf springs or cargo coils may provide additional load support, but at the cost of decreased ride comfort, and they can’t be adjusted to the load. In contrast, air springs are completely adjustable, so you can level your 2001 Volvo S60 for optimal handling and braking, proper wheel alignment and headlight aim, and get a comfortable ride. These springs install on top of the leaf springs or axle, or fit inside the coil springs. For select applications, we also have passive-to-active suspension conversion kits that completely replace the coil springs.

To get the most benefit from your air springs, install an on-board air compressor system. We have complete systems that include the compressor, air springs, air lines and fittings, mounts and hardware, and everything needed for installation, as well as compressor systems that can be used with any brand air springs. Instead of having to find a source of air when you want to pump up your air springs, with an on-board compressor system you can adjust air pressure, and the load support and level of your truck, with the touch of a button. We offer systems that adjust air springs individually or simultaneously, with hardwired control, wireless control with no wires or air lines running into the cab, or automatic control in response to an electronic height sensor.

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Dorman BJ45095XL
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DORMAN BJ45095XL Suspension Ball Joint
for your 2001 Volvo S60 2.0T


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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2001 Volvo S60 2.0T equipped with
2.0L l5 Gas DOHC Turbo
[Premium XL] Front Lower
Quantity needed per vehicle: 2
Sedan 4-Door
2001 Volvo S60 2.0T equipped with
2.0L l5 Gas DOHC Turbo [Premium XL] Front Lower
Quantity needed per vehicle: 2
Sedan 4-Door