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2006 Land Rover LR3 SE

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Performance Control Arms

Control arms connect your 2006 Land Rover LR3 suspension to the actual frame and manage the motion of the wheels so they are synchronized with the body of your car. Performance control arms are lightweight, and are designed to handle more rough conditions than OE control arms. Aside from better strength for those of you who may off-road or race, performance control arms are also purposeful for those of you just wishing to lower your vehicle. When lowering your vehicle you may run into an issue with rubbing with your OE control arms. Performance control arms also allow for wider wheels to be run. Many manufacturers offer adjustable control arms, and are available in several metal options including aluminum and steel. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for Performance Control Arms. Contact one of our experienced representatives today with any questions you may have.

Control arms locate the wheels in relation to the body and allow them to move within a designed range in response to the road and the suspension. They may pivot on bushings at both ends, like rear suspension control arms, or they may have a ball joint at one end, to enable a front suspension knuckle/spindle to rotate and pivot. Your factory control arms are fine for everyday use, but they’re inadequate for spirited street driving and racing. Our performance control arms and links have the strength and adjustability you need, especially when you’ve fitted larger tires and made other suspension mods.

Factory control arms aren’t designed to withstand significant horsepower increases and aggressive driving at the limit. Your OE arms also may not have the clearance you need for wider wheels and tires, or allow the alignment angle adjustments required for high speed driving or when ride height is significantly altered, like on lowered cars or lifted trucks. Our performance control arms have the heavy-duty construction to handle the g-forces and power, the configuration to prevent tire rubbing, and the alignment angles you need for optimal handling and high speed stability.

OE front suspension upper and lower A-arms can reveal their weaknesses when cars are road raced or 4WD trucks are lifted and driven aggressively off-road. These control arms can flex under severe duty use, resulting in poor handling and steering control, and can ultimately fail, leaving you with a DNF or stranded out on the trail. We can offer you strong but lightweight control arms manufactured from thick DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tubular steel, billet aluminum or stout tubular 4130 chrome moly. Most come with premium standard or low-friction ball joints and performance polyurethane or Delrin bushings installed. We have A-arms specially designed for street performance, drag racing and road racing and some are built expressly for common mods like coilovers in place of coil springs.