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2002 BMW 745i

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Perfromance Shocks & Performance Struts

Shocks and struts are terms often used interchangeably. Both are main parts of your vehicles suspension system, but each with different functions. Your struts hold the body of your car off the ground. They also incorporate assembly parts, such as the coil spring and the shock absorber. Your struts will also affect your 2002 BMW 745i alignment and steering. Additionally they provide support to the suspension springs. Shocks on the other hand absorb bumps on the road. Without shocks, your vehicle would still be able to move, however there would be plenty of bouncing.

Your factory shocks & struts are not designed to handle harder driving conditions. Over time, aggressive use can eventually cause damage to your factory shocks and struts. Performance shocks & struts are designed to better handle the more spirited drivers. Pairing shocks & struts with high performance coil overs, will give you the most optimal ride. If you have any questions about shocks or struts reach out to one of our experienced representatives and we can help you make a more informative decision.

The springs on your 2002 BMW 745i react to bumps, ruts and other road irregularities, cushioning the impact. Struts and shocks control spring movement, isolating the cabin from vibration, preventing excessive body movement and keeping the tire tread in contact with the road, for optimal traction and control. Your OE shocks and struts are fine for cruising, but don’t have the damping calibration to provide the stability necessary for performance driving. Our performance shocks and struts control suspension motion at speed so you have the traction and control you need to go faster and corner harder.

Shocks and struts, collectively called dampers, have pistons that move up and down inside hydraulic fluid cylinders. As the pistons move up and down in response to suspension movement, the hydraulic fluid is forced through small passages and valves in the pistons that resist oil flow, thereby damping spring oscillation and controlling suspension movement. The energy of the spring is turned into heat by the damper. Compression damping affects the spring when the vehicle hits a bump and it compresses, rebound damping controls the spring when it expands and forces the tire back down, after the bump.

Properly designed shocks and struts have valving for all stages of piston movement, from short and gentle travel as would be encountered with minor road irregularities to rapid and lengthy travel caused by potholes. However, OE and ordinary replacement shocks and struts are compromises, with damping that is usually biased toward a smooth ride. When a vehicle is driven hard with such components, the rapid movement of the pistons within the dampers causes the hydraulic fluid to foam and overheat, drastically reducing their ability to control suspension movement. This can result in excessive body roll and dive, unequal tire grip, and poor vehicle control. In contrast, our performance shocks and struts are designed for spirited driving, especially when paired with higher rate performance coil springs.

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Bilstein 19-172743
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Bilstein 19-172743 B4 OE Replacement Twintube Shock Absorber
for your 2002 BMW 745i


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2002 BMW 745i equipped with
Shock Absorber
Standard Suspension without Electronic Suspension
2002 BMW 745i equipped with
Rear Shock Absorber
Standard Suspension without Electronic Suspension