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2006 BMW Z4 2.5I

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Performance Springs

Performance Springs will help improve your vehicles handling and its appearance. When lowering your vehicle Performance Springs help lower the center of gravity, which will improve your handling. You will also increase your spring rate, which will help create less body roll. Most Performance Springs make for an easy upgrade; depending on the manufacturer many will be a direct swap with factory springs.

Performance Springs can also be used to lift your vehicle. We have a large selection of Coil Springs that can change your ride height from 1” all the way to 6”. Coil Springs compress and expand to absorb the motion of your 2006 BMW Z4. This will help with comfort and whatever might come your way when off-roading. One thing to keep in mind when lifting your vehicle, unlike lowering springs, when lifting your vehicle it’s often required to change out your shocks and sometimes other components. If you have any questions about what exactly you will need with your lift kit, contact us today and we can help you make a more informative decision.

When choosing Performance Springs its important to remember these will only change the ride height of your 2006 BMW Z4 by a predetermined height. If you’re looking for more fully adjustable options, browse our inventory of Performance Coilovers.

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing the correct Performance Springs for your 2006 BMW Z4. Not only is ride height an important factor, but so is the spring rate. Spring rate is the amount of weight it takes to compress a spring 1”. This rate also varies depending on the type of spring you choose; dual rate springs, linear rate spring, and progressive springs. It’s important to choose a spring that will best suit your driving needs.

Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for Performance Springs. If you have any questions regarding coil springs, contact an experience representative who can help you make a more informative decision.

Coil springs support the weight of the vehicle and establish the ride height. As such they are the main components in lift and lowering kits for many vehicles. But performance coil springs can also improve handling, providing the stiffness required to reduce body roll and maintain traction at all four wheels. We have coil springs in a range of heights and spring rates, spring kits to replace air suspension systems, spacers to alter ride height, polyurethane isolators, and a large selection of spring mounts and hardware for both factory and custom installations.

Leaf spring suspension is old technology, and leafs have been supplanted by modern multi-link systems with coil springs on most late-model cars. But they were original equipment on many performance cars in the past, and some fine handling sports cars still use transverse leaf springs made of advanced composite material. And of course, with their excellent load carrying capabilities they remain the springs of choice for truck rear suspension. Whether you want to lift or lower your ride, or improve its performance or load capacity, we have the performance leaf springs and related components for the job.

When a vehicle sags, squats, and sits low at one end, a variety of problems can ensue. When towing a large trailer or carrying a heavy load in a truck bed, weight distribution becomes biased to the rear. This can cause the headlights to point skyward instead of illuminating the road ahead, so you may not be able to detect obstacles or see road signs clearly in darkness. The front tires steer the vehicle and bear most of the braking burden. With a rearward weight bias, traction for steering and braking will be reduced at the front wheels, which can make driving dangerous.

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Dorman RPK141006PR
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Dorman RPK141006PR
for your 2006 BMW Z4 2.5I


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EngineFit NotesFitment Notes
2006 BMW Z4 2.5I equipped with
2.5L l6 Gas DOHC
[Rack and Pinion Bellow Kit] Right
Quantity needed per vehicle: 1
Convertible 2-Door
2006 BMW Z4 2.5I equipped with
2.5L l6 Gas DOHC [Rack and Pinion Bellow Kit] Right
Quantity needed per vehicle: 1
Convertible 2-Door