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Performance Sway Bars

Sway bars, also known as anti-roll bars do exactly as the name states. They help decrease body roll. They do this by connecting one side of your vehicle to the other. By decreasing your 2007 BMW 750i body roll, you can hit those corners harder. Performance sway bars increase the suspensions stiffness, and increase handling. Sport Compact Warehouse is your premier source for sway bars. Reach out to one of our representatives today with any questions you may have and we can help you make a more informative decision.

The sway bar, aka stabilizer bar or anti-roll bar, connects the suspension on opposite sides of the vehicle. It is a type of torsion spring that reduces body roll, so the vehicle stays more level when turning, resulting in better weight distribution on the tires, and improved handling and traction. Most modern vehicles have front sway bars, and many, especially performance cars, have rear bars. The degree to which the sway bar resists twisting and body roll depends on its stiffness. Whether you want to add a sway bar or upgrade for better handling, we have the performance sway bars for the job.

Most OE suspension systems, even on performance models, are a compromise between good handling and comfortable ride. Factory sway bar diameters are conservative, and installing thicker aftermarket sway bars will increase stiffness and resistance to body roll. This will not only make your 2007 BMW 750i more responsive, it will also reduce over and understeer tendencies and make it safer to drive during emergency maneuvers. If not equipped with a rear sway bar, adding one to a vehicle like a pickup truck will greatly improve handling, especially when tall loads like a camper are carried in the bed.

But if new sway bars aren’t in the budget, there are still ways you can reduce body roll and improve handling with your existing setup. One of the easiest upgrades is switching to polyurethane bushings. They’re much firmer and don’t deflect like rubber, which will help your 2007 BMW 750i be more responsive and make handling more precise. Polyurethane bushings will also last much longer than rubber because they’re impervious to environmental conditions like heat and contaminants like oil that usually cause rubber to deteriorate. We offer both polyurethane sway bar mount bushings and end link bushings. Some sway bar mount bushings are greasable, so you can have increased rigidity without unnecessary friction and wear, and we also have stronger CNC machined billet aluminum mounts.

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