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What does "Powered by NLM" mean?

Powered by NLM means you are getting 30+ years of combined aftermarket automotive and performance car parts support at the click of your finger. Sport Compact Warehouse is the newest website of the industry leading import performance car parts website which is owned and managed by No Limit Motorsport in NY.

Who is No Limit Motorsport?

NLM has recently celebrated their 15 year anniversary in business. NLM Started as an ecommerce website, which grew into a retail store, then quickly grew into Long Islands first true One Stop Shop for sport compact cars when they moved to their current location in 2006. Catering to all makes and models, NLM has advanced knowledge of Mitsubishi Evo’s, Subaru WRX/STI, Nisan Skyline/GTR, Honda/Acura and many other platforms. NLM currently serves customers from all over the globe, as well as their large local following and support of the local shows, events, and meets. You can check us out at or our very popular FB page.

What does this mean for me?

If you have any questions with your product, or need help finding the correct part, you can rest assured we have sales staff waiting to help you with your purchase. Not sure what brand is better than another? SCW/NLM can help you choose the brands we have seen perform, look, and last the best with other customers. We value our customer service, and it is always available to SCW customers. SCW has been designed to give you the customer 100% access to the best brands on the market today. Pricing is extremely competitive because we buy at the best possible price and also keep inventory on hand unlike many other ecommerce sites. Our customer service representatives are all car enthusiast and have experience in modifying their own cars. Let our knowledge be the value you deserve when purchasing aftermarket car and truck parts. Unlike many other websites, when you call, you are calling a business. A real brick and motor shop, warehouse, retail store, everything you can ask for when purchasing your car parts. We stand behind our sales and try to keep any and all problems to a minimum.