ReadyLift 44-3070 Suspension Lift Kit

For a lot of reasons, truck owners install lift kits because of how useful they are when driving at the most challenging off-road destinations. So if you’re planning to drive through the rivers or tackle steep hills, boulders, or sand for your weekend getaway, you definitely need a suspension lift kit.  In this post, we

Your Ultimate Guide to Bed Racks

We have mentioned before in this post that one of the most useful accessories you can get for your truck is a bed rack. Why? As handy pickup trucks are for loads of potential, they could offer in payload, hauling capability, and cargo space, they can only be more convenient when paired with the perfect

Your Car’s Water Pump Matters

It’s common and essential to monitor and regularly change the oil to make your car run smoothly. Every now and then, you will also have it cleaned and maintained. But do you know what else you could do for yourself and your car? That’s right, take care of your water pump! What is an Automotive

The ACT Multi Disc Clutch Kit

It’s important to look after your clutch to ensure it performs well and will allow you to shift between gears smoothly. At SCW, we understand this, and so we only offer the best, we offer you the ACT Multi Disc Clutch Kit. It offers a consistent pedal feel with a high torque capacity, durable and

ACT Multi Disc Clutch Kit

ACT Clutch As we continue on talking about the Adavanced Clutch Technology (ACT) Brand, we will cover the ACT Multi Disc Clutch Kit. Why ACT Clutch? ACT Clutch Kits stand unequaled in terms of consistent pedal feel, high torque capacity, long wear life and durability. In-house manufacturing is critical in tuning components specifically to each individual

ACT Clutch Kit 101

About ACT ACT Since 1994 Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) designs, engineers and develops high quality driveline components. By leveraging decades of track and performance street experience they are able to produce the highest quality products, and are one of the most well known manufacturers for driveline components. Advanced CAD, FEA simulation and CAM tools help ensure