Interior Parts and Accessories

Make changes where you can see them everyday and upgrade the interior of your vehicle .

We have a large selection of racing seats what will complete the look for your racecar. Your new high quality seats will help reduce weight and keep safety for track use and daily driving. Racing harnesses are available as well so you can meet track specs. We have a large inventory of steering wheels. They are available in multiple styles, and color options. You will also find a large selection of quick release hubs. Get yourself some new floor mats, and ditch the factory look. Whatever you’re looking for, we have something to set you apart from the rest. If your looking for new shift knobs, we’ve got you covered, as well as break handles. The list goes on with what we carry to optimize your cockpit and driving experience.

Sport Compact Warehouse is your one stop for your Interior needs. If you have any questions regarding Interior options, reach out to an experienced representative to help you make an informed decision for your vehicle .

The term car upholstery is typically in reference to the seats in your car, truck, or SUV. In all actuality, car upholstery is the entire interior of your vehicle including the roof, center console, and anywhere else that has fabric.

Some guys will spend any amount to have the nicest paint job, yet sit behind the wheel surrounded by missing dash knobs, broken vent louvers, torn door handles and duct taped seat cushions. Don’t be that guy. If you’re like us, you like driving your car as much as looking at it, so why not make the inside of your chariot as nice as the outside. Whether you roll stock or custom, we have the parts to make it happen.If you’re restoring a classic or muscle car, you want to make the interior just as it was the day the car rolled off the assembly line. We offer authentic reproduction parts from the top restoration parts suppliers that will make your baby showroom new, including dash knobs, gauges, heater and A/C controls, pedal pads, sun visors, shift boots, and more. Each part is manufactured using modern tooling and replicated to the last detail.

We offer throttle bodies for most popular vehicle applications and engines in a range of sizes, so you can increase airflow according to your engine’s state of tune. Mildly modified engines will definitely benefit from an upgrade in throttle body size, but one that is too big can negatively affect throttle response. Go for the largest size throttle body only if your engine is highly modified, such as with a forced induction system. Our selection includes throttle bodies for newer vehicles with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC), also known as "drive-by-wire", as well as traditional cable operated systems.

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